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Clients can specify a research specification and brief and we will interrogate our databases to see how we can provide the information needed.

This means that we can interrogate, correlate and merge a large number of separate marketing channel databases and thereby output a coherent and detailed database which meets the client’s needs.

Marketing Channel ResearchWorld Marketing Channels208  Countries 100,000+  Cities &Town 320,000+  Geographic Areas 21,000 Products 1,500+  Industries 2,400+  Logistic Networks 81,000+  Marketing Channels 330,000+  End User & Consumer Markets

Marketing means having to think outside the box

To develop innovative marketing channels

To reach in and grab your market

From ever changing and fast moving targets...

If you need Marketing Channel Research please specify all the information you need in as much detail as possible.  We will interrogate our databases and contact you with a proposal, a cost, and a delivery time for the data.

If you need Marketing Research please contact us here