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The following Professions and Trades are covered by these handbooks. The handbooks cover INDIVIDUAL firms and the individual offices of firms, this means that there is a report for each of the firms (and offices) within each of the professions and trades mentioned below. The figures include firms, branches and offices.

 Les Membres des Professions Libérales publish data on the Professions, Trades and the Service Businesses of Europe in co-operation with the various European Associations of Members of the Liberal Professions.

Over the years the coverage of these publications have extended beyond the traditional liberal professions and now cover all the service industries of Europe.

The handbooks are designed to provide information on the performance of individual firms and companies.

This data is most useful to the firms and businesses themselves, so that they may review, compare and evaluate their own performance in the market place. The data is also useful to competitors, potential purchasers of that business, and that firm's clients.

Information is available on 160 service industries in 18 European countries. Some databases have been extended to cover 30 European countries.

The data is on each firm is produced as a series of 5 handbooks and these are provided as a single package. This information consists of a DVD together with printed handbooks.

This data is not available generally and to obtain the data on any particular firm please use the order form on the Members site.


There are five topics available and each of these cover individual firms.

Business Performance & Customer Opinion Handbooks

Financial Performance Handbooks

Customer Control Handbooks

Management & Personnel Handbooks

Negative Factors Handbooks

The above series are sold as a combination (i.e. all five batched together) and thus there is only one publication for each of the firms.

You can get all the above titles directly from various book dealers, and potential buyers should check availability and pricing in their own country.




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