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The EICD have a series of corporate intelligence products available which examine and analyse various aspects of the performance of subject companies.

This data is intended to give detailed and precise information on the discrete activities and performance within the subject company.  This data can be used by the senior management of the subject company itself, by competitors, or by professional advisors.

There are a number of data sets available for each company, including:


  1.  Distribution Performance of subject companies

  2.  Energy Procurement & Usage by subject companies

  3.  Export Performance of subject companies

  4.  Human Resources & Employment of subject companies

  5.  Information Technology of subject companies

  6.  Process Systems of subject companies

  7.  Product Licensing by subject companies

  8.  Purchasing & Procurement of subject companies

  9.  Research & Development by subject companies

10.  Technology Transfer by subject companies

11.  Technology Performance of subject companies

                This data is Restricted Company Intelligence and is available to Account Holders or Members only.

                For further information please access this data via the EICD Members portal.

Company Information  for Account Holders

Company Intelligence