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The fact that the DataGroup interview methodology is so automated means that their units costs per question or per survey are much lower than that of our competitors, thus we can offer clients very competitive prices for published reports, online products, DVDs, and other information products. There are extensive verification and security checks built into DataGroup survey methodology to ensure accuracy and confidentiality.

DataGroup reports are based on wholly original research. There is little confidence in company accounts, credit reports, government or trade statistics and thus one has to approach the problem of getting corporate intelligence and market data from a number of standpoints.


It is very difficult in a limited discussion like this to adequately describe the Methodology used by DataGroup and The Data Institute. The systems and software in use have been for the past 40 years, and even more so today, by far the most advanced in the world and thus DataGroup are at the apex of the application of artificial intelligence and information technology.

The first important aspect to remember about DataGroup databases and reports is that they are entirely computerized - from initial survey interviewing, to the finished database, to the finally report; and this means that DataGroup clients are assured of a uniform standard and quality with all DataGroup products.



The computerization, development of the methodology and the programs and modelling has taken over forty years to perfect; and DataGroup believe that the generation of their databases and reports are the most advanced in the world. No other organisation has such advanced techniques or such thorough methodology.

DataGroup believe that the only reliable way to analyze and evaluate the market-place is by conducting statistically accurate analyses of the Suppliers, Bankers, Financiers, Service Providers of supplier companies and then the Distribution Channels and End Users of the products and services. Surveys are also necessary for the Competitors of the suppliers, and the overall Industry and Market environment. By correlating the results of these analyses one can provide highly accurate data and analyses of Companies, Competitors, Markets, Products, Marketing, the Industry, Distribution and the Customers.