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Delivery & Access

 Delivery & Access

Account Holders Database and Information Delivery

Where the information or resource needs of an Account Holders is not available online and thus a bespoke or specific database, report or other resource is ordered by the Account Holder, this will normally be made available online or delivered to the Account Holder within 59 minutes.  Ad Hoc orders may take longer and the time delay will be quoted accordingly.



DVD and Memory Stick

Irrespective of a client having online or dedicated web site access, all orders are also supplied on DVD plus, if necessary, a Memory Stick or Hard Disk Drive (USB).

 Online Access

Clients can order Online Access at no extra cost.  The client will receive a database URL plus a Username and Password usually within 24 hours.

Dedicated Web Site     

Clients can order a Branded and Dedicated Web Sites .  The client will get the dedicated Web Site, Username and Password, usually within 48 hours. Dedicated Web Site are not intended just to host a single database, but are meant as Resource Webs which the client’s management and staff can use for management information and corporate & market intelligence purposes. We will produce a Resource Web design solution for your business needs.

Database and Information Delivery

Clients who are not Account Holders will have their orders processed and dispatched within the following period:-