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Database Mining & Interrogation

 Data Mining and Database Interrogation for Intelligence Gathering

The use of these procedures and the integration of our databases and software with the client’s in-house data will yield considerable End User/Customer, Distribution, Corporate, Market, Product, Financial, and Industry intelligence. The interface of the client’s databases with national & international intelligence databases produces very powerful real world data and tools for planning purposes.

Data Mining Procedures:

Classification: This arranges the data into user groups, whereby one may get insight from common algorithms for decision trees, associative networks, Bayesian classification, neural networks, and similar processes.

Clustering: Algorithms which group associated intelligence into networks.

Regression: Functions which models the data to increase data reliability.

Association Rule Learning: Hierarchical searches for relationships between variables, whereby one can measure recurring relationships, frequency, and variable weight.

Structured Data Analysis: Structure is applied to data sets whereby one can gain insight into comparative situations, predictive situations, variable modification and manipulation, et al.

Data Mining Projects:

Data Mining Projects are established on a bespoke basis after the results of a consultative study have been produced. All the options available for structured data analysis are considered, including:

Algebraic data analysis

Analysis of categorical data

Bayesian analysis

Client analysis

Cluster analysis

Combinatorial data analysis

Data analysis

Dimension reduction

Exploratory data analysis

Formal concept analysis

Functional data analysis

Geographical / GIS and Spatial analysis

Geometric data analysis

Group Method

Market Relationship analysis

Pattern analysis

Predictive analysis

Qualitative analysis

Quantitative analysis

Relationship analysis

Regression analysis

Shape analysis

Subject analysis

Topological data analysis

Tree structured data analysis

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Data Mining can help you maximise the market, corporate and industry intelligence at your disposal.

Data Mining can help you capitalise on your existing customer bases and to extend your product offering into the customer bases of your competitors.

Data Mining can help you to counter and diminish the market situation and product positioning of your competitors.

Precise positioning in time and space...