49 North Resource Fund
99 Capital
A I S Resources
Abacus Mining & Exploration
Abbastar Uranium
Abcourt Mines
Abenteuer Resources
Abington Ventures
Abitex Resources
Abitibi Mining
Abode Mortgage Holdings
Academy Ventures
Accelerator Capital
AccelRate Power Systems
Accend Capital
Access International Education
Acero-Martin Exploration
Acrex Ventures
ACT360 Solutions
Action Energy
Action Minerals
Active Control Technology
Active Growth Capital
Adcore Capital
Adex Mining
Admiral Bay Resources
Adriana Resources
Adroit Resources
Advanced Explorations
Advanced Proteome Therapeutics
Advent Wireless
Adventure Gold
Aeromechanical Services
Affinor Resources
Afrasia Mineral Fields
Africa Oil
Africa West Minerals
African Aura Resources
African Gold
Afri-Can Marine Minerals
African Metals
African Queen Mines
Agau Resources
Agritec Systems
Aguila American Resources
AIM Health Group
AKA Ventures
Alberta Oilsands
Alberta Star Development
ALDA Pharmaceuticals
Alder Resources
Alderon Resource
Aldershot Resources
Aldridge Minerals
Aldrin Resource
Alegro Health
Alert B&C
Alexandria Minerals
Algonquin Oil & Gas
Alhambra Resources
Alix Resources
All in West! Capital
Allana Resources
Allegiance Equity
Alliance Financing Group
Alliance Grain Traders
Allied Hotel Properties
Alloy Capital
Almo Capital
Alpetro Resources
Alpha Gold
Alphamin Resources
Alston Ventures
Alta Natural Herbs
Altacanada Energy
Altai Resources
Altair Ventures
Altek Power
Alternative Fuel Systems
Altima Resources
Alto Ventures
Alturas Minerals
Amadeus International
Amador Gold
Amalfi Capital
Amanta Resources
Amarc Resources
Amarillo Gold
Amazon Mining Holdings
Amera Resources
American Copper
American Creek Resources
Americas Petrogas
Ameriplas Holdings
Amerix Precious Metals
Amerpro Industries
Amex Exploration
AMI Resources
Amseco Exploration
Andean American Mining
Andina Minerals
Andover Ventures
Anfield Ventures
Angelwest Capital
Anglo Bomarc Mines
Anglo Swiss Resources
Anglo-Canadian Uranium
Angoss Software
Animas Resources
Anooraq Resources
Ansell Capital
Antares Minerals
Anterra Energy
Anthem Ventures Capital
Anthony Clark International Insurance
Antigua Enterprises
Antioquia Gold
Apella Resources
Apogee Minerals
Apoquindo Minerals
Appalaches Resources
Appleton Exploration
Aqua-Pure Ventures
Aquarius Coatings
Aqueous Capital
Aranka Gold
Arapaho Cap
Arcan Resources
Archangel Diamond
Archon Minerals
Arctic Star Diamond
Arcturus Ventures
Arcus Development
Argenta Oil & Gas
Argentex Mining
Argex Silver Capital
Arian Silver
Armada Data
Armadillo Resources
Arrow Energy
Arrowhead Water Products
Artha Resources
Arura Pharma
Ascot Resources
Ashburton Ventures
Asia Bio-Chem Group
Asia Now Resources
Asian Mineral Resources
Asian Television Network
Aston Hill Financial
Astorius Resources
Astral Mining
ATAC Resources
Atacama Minerals
Athabasca Minerals
ATI Airtest Technologies
Atikwa Minerals
Atlantic Industrial Minerals
Atlas Minerals
Atomic Minerals
ATW Gold
Au Martinique Silver
Audiotech Healthcare
Augen Capital
Augen Gold
Auramex Resource
Auric Development
Auricle Biomedical
Aurion Resources
Ausam Energy
Ausex Capital
Austin Developments
Austral Pacific Energy
Automated Benefits
Avalon Works
Avante Security
Avantec Technologies
Avian Capital
Avino Silver & Gold Mines
Avion Resources
Award Capital
AXEA Capital
AXEA Energy
Azimut Exploration
Azteca Gold
Aztek Energy
Azure Resources
BacTech Mining
Baden Technologies
Ballad Gold & Silver
Ballyliffin Capital
Bandera Gold
Bard Ventures
Barker Minerals
Bayfield Ventures
Bayou Bend Petroleum
Bayshore Petroleum
Bayswater Uranium
BCM Resources
BCY Resources
Beacon Acquisition Partners
Bear Creek Mining
Bear Lake Gold
Bearclaw Capital
Beartooth Platinum
Beaufield Resources
Beaumont Select
Beijing Marvel Cleansing Supplies
Bell Copper
Bellair Ventures
Bellamont Exploration
Bellhaven Copper & Gold
Belmont Resources
Belvedere Resources
Benchmark Energy
Benton Resources
Benzai Capital
Berkley Resources
Beta Minerals
Bevo Agro
BFS Entertainment
Big Bar Resources
Big Red Diamond
Big Stick Media
Bighorn Petroleum
biOasis Technologies
Biophage Pharma
Bioxel Pharma
Birch Lake Capital
Bitterroot Resources
Bitumen Capital
Black Bull Resources
Black Panther Mining
Black Pearl Minerals
Blackburn Ventures
Blackdog Resources
Blackstone Ventures
Blackwater Capital
Blandings Capital
Bling Capital
Blue Cove Capital
Blue Note Mining
Blue Parrot Energy
Blue Ribbon Capital
Blue Sky Uranium
Blue Vista Technology
Bluepoint Data Storage
Bluerock Acquisition
Bluerock Resources
BlueRush Digital Media
BMB Capital
BNP Resources
BOE Capital
Bold Ventures
Bolero Resources
Bonanza Resources
Bonaparte Capital
Bonaventure Enterprises
Boss Power
Bowmore Exploration
Bowram Energy
Boxxer Gold
Bralorne Gold Mines
Brandgamz Marketing
Brass Capital
Bravo Venture
Brazalta Resources
Brazauro Resources
Brett Resources
Bridge Resources
Brigadier Gold
Brighter Minds Media
Brilliant Mining
Britannica Resources
British Controlled Oilfields
Broadband Learning
Broadview Press
Brookemont Capital
Brooklyn Ventures
Brownstone Ventures
BRS Ventures
BSM Technologies
Buffalo Gold
Buffalo Resources
Burcon NutraScience
Bus Systems
Butler Developments
Buzz Telecommunications
C2C Gold
Cabo Drilling
Cache Exploration
Cadan Resources
Cadillac Mining
Cadiscor Resources
Cadman Resources
CAG Capital
Cagim Real Estate
Calibre Mining
California Nanotechnologies
Callinan Mines
Calotto Capital
Calypso Uranium
Calyx Bio-Venture
Canaco Resources
Canada Energy Partners
Canada Gas
Canada Zinc Metals
Canadian Arrow Mines
Canadian Equipment Rental
Canadian Imperial Venture
Canadian Mining
Canadian Oil Recovery & Remediation
Canadian Orebodies
Canadian Phoenix Resources
Canadian Prodigy Capital
Canadian Shield Resources
Canadian Spirit Resources
Canadorado Operating
Canafrican Metals & Mining
Canalaska Uranium
Canasia Industries
Canasil Resources
CanElson Drilling
Canext Energy
Canfe Ventures
Cannasat Therapeutics
Canoel International Energy
Canoro Resources
Canplats Resources
Canstar Resources
Cantex Mine Development
Cantronic Systems
Canyon Creek Food
Capella Resources
Cap-Ex Ventures
Capital BLF
Capital MLB
Capital Valmoris
Cap-link Ventures
Capstock Financial
Capvest Income
Carat Exploration
Carbon Friendly Solutions
Cardiocomm Solutions
Cariboo Rose Resources
Carlin Gold
Carmax Explorations
Carrington Acquisition
Cartier Resources
Cascade Resources
Cascadero Copper
Cascadia International Resources
Cash Canada
Cash Minerals
Cassidy Gold
Cassius Ventures
Castillian Resources
Castle Gold
Castle Resources
Catalina Energy
Catch the Wind
Cathay Forest Products
Cats Eye Capital
Cavan Ventures
CBM Asia Development
C-Com Satellite Systems
CCT Capital
Cedar Mountain Exploration
Celeste Copper
Cell-Loc Location Technology
Cellstop Systems
Celtic Minerals
Centiva Capital
Central Alberta Well Services
Central Industries
Central Resources
Centric Energy
Centurion Minerals
Century Energy
Century Mining
Ceres Capital
CGX Energy
Chairman Capital
Chalice Diamond
Chalk Media
Challenger Deep Capital
Challenger Energy
Champion Bear Resources
Champion Minerals
Changfeng Energy
Channel Resources
Chapleau Resources
Charter REIT
Chesapeake Gold
Chesstown Capital
China Drill
China Education Resources
China Goldcorp
China One
China Opportunity
Chinook Capital
Christopher James Gold
Chrome Capital
Chudleigh Ventures
Churchill Energy
CIBT Education
Cicada Ventures
Cincoro Capital
Cinema Internet Networks
Circumpacific Energy
Cirrus Energy
Cleanfield Alternative Energy
Clearford Industries
Clemex Technology
Clifton Star Resources
Cloudbench Applications
Cloudbreak Resources
CMC Metals
CMQ Resources
CMYK Capital
CNR Capital
CO2 Solution
Coastal Energy
Coastport Capital
Cobalt Energy
Cobra Venture
Cogitore Resources
Colibri Resource
Colombian Mines
Colonia Energy
Colonnade Capital
Coltstar Ventures
Columbia Yukon Explorations
Columbus Energy
Columbus Gold
Columbus Silver
Comet Industries
Commander Resources
Commerce Resources
Committee Bay Resources
Communications DVR
Compliance Energy
Comwest Enterprise
Condor Resources
Confederation Minerals
Coniagas Resources
Conquest Resources
Consolidated Abaddon Resources
Consolidated Beacon Resources
Consolidated Ecoprogress
Consolidated EnviroWaste
Consolidated Firstfund Capital
Consolidated Global Diamond
Consolidated Gold Win Ventures
Consolidated Puma Minerals
Consolidated Spire Ventures
CON-SPACE Communications
Constantine Metal Resources
Contact Exploration
Contec Innovations
Continental Minerals
Continental Nickel
Continuum Health Care
Continuum Resources
Conway Resources
Cooper Minerals
Coopers Park
Copper Canyon Resources
Copper Creek Ventures
Copper Fox Metals
Copper Ridge Explorations
Coral Gold Resources
Coral Sea Resources
Corbal Capital
Cordy Oilfield Services
Corex Gold
Cornerstone Capital Resources
Coronado Resources
Coronation Minerals
Corsa Capital
Cortex Business Solutions
Cortez Resources
Costa Energy
Courtland Capital
Covalon Technologies
CPI Crown Properties
CPI Plastics
CPL Technologies
CPVC Bromont
CPVC Financial
Cream Minerals
Crescent Resources
Creston Moly
Cresval Capital
Crh Medical
Cricket Capital
Critical Outcome Technologies
CriticalControl Solutions
Cronus Resources
Crown Point Ventures
CSM Systems
Cuda Capital
Cue Resources
Culane Energy
Curlew Lake Resources
Currie Rose Resources
CY Oriental Holdings
CYGAM Energy
Cypress Development
Cypress Hills Resource
Cytiva Software
CZM Capital
d´Arianne Resources
Dacha Capital
Dagilev Capital
Dajin Resources
Dalmac Energy
Darnley Bay Resources
Datacom Wireless
Daytona Energy
D-Box Technologies
Decade Resources
Decision Dynamics Technology
Decourcy Capital
Defiance Capital
Deloro Resources
Delta Exploration
Dentonia Resources
DEQ Systems
Derek Oil & Gas
Desert Gold Ventures
Desmarais Energy
Detector Exploration
Devonshire Resources
DevStudios International
Dia Bras Exploration
Diadem Resources
Diamcor Mining
Diamond Frank Exploration
Diamond Hawk Mining
Diamondex Resources
Diamonds North Resources
Dianor Resources
Digger Resources
Digifonica International
Dios Exploration
Discovery-Corp Enterprises
Disenco Energy
Ditem Explorations
Diverified Industries
Dobhai Ventures
Dolly Varden Resources
Dome Ventures
Donner Metals
Dorex Minerals
DOT Resources
Drake Pacific Enterprises
Dreamweaver Capital
Drift Lake Resources
DualEx Energy International
Dumont Nickel
Duncan Park Holdings
Duncastle Gold
Dundarave Resources
Duran Ventures
Durango Capital
Dynamic Fuel Systems
Dynamite Resources
Dynasty Gaming
Dynasty Gold
Dynex Power
E S I Environmental Sensors
E4 Energy
Eagle Hill Exploration
Eagle Plains Resources
Eagle Rock Exploration
Eagle Star Petroleum
Eaglecrest Explorations
Eaglewood Energy
Earthwork Industries
East Asia Minerals
East Energy
East West Resource
Eastfield Resources
Echelon Capital
Echo Energy Canada
EcoMax Energy Services
Edgewater Exploration
E-Energy Ventures
EFT Canada
egX Group
El Nino Ventures
Electra Gold
Elkwater Resources
Eloro Resources
Ely Gold & Minerals
eMedia Networks International
Emerald Bay Energy
Emerald Isle Resources
Emergeo Solutions Worldwide
Emgold Mining
EMM Energy
Empire Industries
Empire Mining
Empower Technologies
Enablence Technologies
Endurance Gold
Energold Drilling
Energulf Resources
Enhanced Oil Resources
Enpar Technologies
Enquest Energy Services
Enseco Energy Services
Enssolutions Group
Enterprise Energy Resources
Enviro Energy Capital
Environmental Waste International
Epic Data International
Epicore BioNetworks
ERA Carbon Offsets
Erin Ventures
Escape Gold
ESO Uranium
Esperanza Silver
Esstra Industries
Estec Systems
Ethos Capital
Eurasian Minerals
Eureka Resources
Eurocontrol Technics
Euromax Resources
Even Technologies
Everclear Capital
Everest Ventures
Everett Resources
Evergreen Gaming
Everton Resources
Evolving Gold
E-xact Transactions
Exceed Energy
Excel Gold Mining
Excelsior Energy
Excelsior Mining
Exeltech Aerospace
Exeter Resource
Exile Resources
EXMIN Resources
Explor Resources
Explorator Resources
Extenway Solutions
Eyelogic Systems
Fab-Form Industries
Fairmount Energy
Falcon Oil & Gas
Falcon Ventures International
Family Memorials
Fancamp Exploration
Fareport Capital
Fiber Optic Systems Technology
Fieldex Exploration
Finavera Renewables
Finlay Minerals
Firebird Capital Partners
Firesteel Resources
Firestone Ventures
Fireswirl Technologies
First Gold Exploration
First Idaho Resources
First Narrows Resources
First Point Minerals
First Pursuit Ventures
First Source Resources
First Star Resources
First Western Financial Ventures
FirstGrowth Exploration
Firstland Energy
Fission Energy
Fitch Street Capital
Fjordland Exploration
Flagship Industries
Flukong Enterprise
Flying A Petroleum
Foccini International
Foran Mining
Forest & Marine Investments
Forest Gate Resources
Forterra Environmental
Fortress Minerals
Fortriu Capital
Fortsum Business Solutions
Fortuna Silver Mines
Fortune River Resource
Fortune Valley Resources
Forum Uranium
Foundation Resources
Fox Resources
Franchise Bancorp
Free Energy International
Freeport Capital
Freeport Resources
Freewest Resources Canada
FreshXtend Technologies
Fronsac Capital
FRV Media
FTI Foodtech International
Full Metal Minerals
Functional Technologies
Futura Loyalty
Fytokem Products
G I E Environment Technologies
G4G Resources
GA Capital
Galantas Gold
Gale Force Petroleum
Galena Capital
Galena International Resources
Gallic Energy
Galore Resources
Galvanic Applied Sciences
Galway Resources
Garibaldi Resources
Garrison International
Garson Gold
GC-Global Capital
GDG Environment Group
Gee-Ten Ventures
General Mining Properties
Genius World Investments
Geo Minerals
Geodex Minerals
Geoinformatics Exploration
Georgetown Capital
Georox Resources
Getty Copper
GFE Capital
GFK Resources
GGL Diamond
Giga Capital
Ginger Beef
Ginguro Exploration
Glamis Resources
Glass Earth Gold
Gleichen Resources
Glen Eagle Resources
Glen Hawk Minerals
Glenthorne Entreprises
Global Alternative Investments
Global Development Resources
Global Energy Services
Global Hunter
Global Key Investment
Global Minerals
Global Uranium
GMV Minerals
Golconda Capital
Golconda Resources
Gold Bullion Development
Gold Canyon Resources
Gold Hawk Resources
Gold Jubilee Capital
Gold Key Capital
Gold Point Energy
Gold Port Resources
Gold Reach Resources
Gold Summit
Gold Wheaton
Gold World Resources
Goldbard Capital
Goldbrook Ventures
Goldcliff Resource
Golden Arch Resources
Golden Arrow Resources
Golden Band Resources
Golden Cariboo Resources
Golden Chalice Resources
Golden Dawn Minerals
Golden Dory Resources
Golden Goliath Resources
Golden Goose Resources
Golden Harp Resources
Golden Hope Mines
Golden Oasis Exploration
Golden Odyssey Mining
Golden Pacific Capital
Golden Reign Resources
Golden Share Mining
Golden Sunset Trail
Golden Tag Resources
Golden Valley Mines
Goldex Resources
Goldeye Explorations
Goldmark Minerals
Goldnev Resources
Gold-Ore Resources
GoldQuest Mining
Goldrea Resources
Goldrush Resources
Goldsource Mines
Gossan Resources
Gowest Amalgamated Resources
Grand Peak Capital
Grand Power Logistics
Grande Portage Resources
Granville Pacific Capital
Grasslands Entertainment
Gravity West Mining
Gray Rock Resources
Grayd Resource
Great Gold Mines
Great Pacific International
Great Quest Metals
Great Southern Enterprises
Great Western Minerals
Green Park Capital
Green Swan Capital
Green Valley Mine
Greencastle Resources
Greenfield Financial Group
Greentree Gas & Oil
Greenwich Global Capital
Grenville Gold
Grey Island Systems
Gridsense Systems
Grizzly Diamonds
Groundstar Resources
Groupworks Financial
GT Canada Capital
GTA CorpFin Capital
Guardian Exploration
Gulf & Pacific Equities
Gulf Shores Resources
Gulfside Minerals
GWR Resources
H2O Innovation
Habanero Resources
Habibi Resources
Halmont Properties
Halo Resources
Hana Mining
Hansa Resources
Happy Creek Minerals
Harte Gold
Harvest Gold
Hastings Resources
Hathor Exploration
Hawk Uranium
Hawkeye Gold & Diamond
Hawthorne Gold
Healthpricer Interactive
Healthscreen Solutions
Hedger Capital
Helijet International
Helio Resource
Hellix Ventures
Herdron Capital
Hermes Financial
HFG Holdings
High Rider Capital
High Ridge Resources
Highbank Resources
Highbury Projects
Highland Resources
Hill Top Resources
Hinterland Metals
HLT Energies
Hodgins Auctioneers
Hollingport Venture
Honey Badger Exploration
Horizon Industries
Horseshoe Gold Mining
Houston Lake Mining
HSF Capital
HTC Purenergy
Hudson Resources
Huldra Silver
Humber Capital
Humboldt Capital
Humpty´s Restaurants International
Huntington Exploration
Hydralogic Systems
Hy-Drive Technologies
Iberian Minerals
Ibex Technologies
Iciena Ventures
iCo Therapeutics
Icon Industries
Icron Technologies
ICS Copper Systems
ID Watchdog
IFL Investment Foundation
IGC Resources
Ignition Point Technology
ILI Technologies
IMA Exploration
Immersive Media
Imperial Equities
Imperial Ginseng
Inca Pacific Resources
Indicator Minerals
Indico Resources
Industrial Growth Income
Industrialex Manufacturing
Infinito Gold
Inlet Resources
InNexus Biotechnology
Innovative Properties
Innovium Media Properties
IntelGenx Technology
Intercable ICH
INTERCAP eCommerce
International Barrier Technology
International Barytex Resources
International Beryllium
International Bethlehem Mining
International Bio Recovery
International Enexco
International Frontier Resources
International Gold Mining
International Health Partners
International Kirkland Minerals
International KRL Resources
International Millennium Mining
International Montoro Resources
International Northair Mines
International Parkside Products
International PBX Ventures
International Samuel Exploration
International Technologies
International Tower Hill Mines
International Water-Guard
International Wayside Gold
Inter-Rock Minerals
Intertainment Media
In-Touch Survey Systems
Intuitivo Capital
Investus Real Estate
IP Applications
IRI Separation Technology
Iron Creek Capital
Ironhorse Oil & Gas
ISG Capital
Island Arc Exploration
Ithaca Energy
ITOK Capital
Ivg Enterprise
Ivory Energy
iWeb Group
J A G Mines
James Bay Resources
Jannock Properties
Jantar Resources
Jasper Mining
Javelin Energy
Jaxon Minerals
Jazz Resources
JER Envirotech International
Jerico Explorations
Jet Gold
JG Capital
Jite Technologies
Jiulian Resources
JM Capital
JNR Resources
Jones Soda
Jourdan Resources
Journey Resources
J-Pacific Gold
JRTL Capital
Jumbo Petroleum
JYW Capital
Kalahari Resources
Kalimantan Gold
Kam & Ronson Media
Kaminak Gold
Kane Biotech
Kansai Mining
Karel Capital
Karmin Exploration
KCC Capital
Keegan Resources
Kelso Technologies
Kenai Resources
Kenieba Goldfields
Kenrich-Eskay Mining
Kent Exploration
Kermode Resources
Kernow Resources
Ketchum Capital
Kettle River Resources
KFG Resources
Kierland Capital
Kierland Resources
Killick Capital
Kinbauri Gold
King George Financial
King´s Bay Gold
Kingsman Resources
Kingsmill Capital Ventures
Kivalliq Energy
Klondike Gold
Klondike Silver
Knight Resources
Knightscove MediaTSX-Venture
Knightswood Financial
Kobex Resources
Kodiak Energy
Kodiak Exploration
Kola Mining
Kolombo Technologies
Komet Manufacturers
Kootenay Gold
Kree Tech International
Kristina Capital
Kroes Energy
KWG Resources
L1 Capital
La Quinta Resources
Labrador Technologies
Lakeside Steel
Lakeview Hotel REIT
Lakewood Mining
Lakota Resources
Landdrill International
Landen Capital
Lander Energy
Landis Energy
Landstar Properties
Lara Exploration
Largo Resources
Lariat Energy
Las Vegas From Home.com
Lateegra Gold
Latigo Capital
Latin American Minerals
Laurent Venture Capital
Laurentian Goldfields
Laurion Mineral
Lazon Minerals
Leader Capital
Leader Energy Services
LeBoldus Capital
Leeward Capital
Leezamax Capital
Legend Power Systems
Lehman Trikes
Leis Industries
Leisure Canada
Levon Resources
Lexam Explorations
Lignol Energy
Lingo Media
Lions Gate Energy
Lions Gate Metals
Lithic Resources
LNG Energy
Lochaird Energy
Logan Resources
Loma Oil & Gas
Lomiko Metals
Loncor Resources
Lonestar Capital
Long Harbour Capital
Longford Energy
Look Communications
Loon Energy
Lornex Capital
Lorraine Copper
Los Andes Copper
Lounor Exploration
Louvem Mines
Lovitt Resources
LPT Capital
Lucara Diamond
Lucky Strike Resources
Lucrum Capital
Luiri Gold
Lumex Capital
Lumina Copper
Luna Gold
Lund Gold
Luxor Industrial
Lynden Energy
Lysander Minerals
Macarthur Minerals
MacDonald Mines
Macro Enterprises
Macusani Yellowcake
Madalena Ventures
Madeira Minerals
Madison Energy
Madison Minerals
Maestro Ventures
Magellan Minerals
Magnum Energy
Magnum Uranium
Mainstream Minerals
Majescor Resources
Majestic Gold
Mala Noche Resources
Mammoth Capital
Mandalay Resources
Manicouagan Minerals
Manitex Capital
Manitou Capital
Mano River Resources
Mansfield Minerals
Manson Creek Resources
Mantra Mining
Maple Leaf Reforestation
Marauder Resources
March Resources
Marco Polo Investments
Marifil Mines
Marketvision Direct
Marksmen Capital
Marksmen Resources
Mart Resources
Marum Resources
Maskal Energy
Masuparia Gold
Matachewan Consolidated Mines
Matamec Explorations
Maudore Minerals
MAX Resource
Maxim Resources
MaxTech Ventures
Maxy Gold
Maya Gold & Silver
Mayen Minerals
Mazorro Resources
MBMI Resources
McChip Resources
McVicar Industries
Meadow Bay Capital
Med Biogene
Medallion Resources
Media Ventures
Medianet Communications
Medical Intelligence Technology
Medoro Resources
Medworxx Solutions
MedX Health
Mega Moly
Megawheels Technologies
Melco China Resorts
Melkior Resources
Mengold Resources
Menika Mining
Merc International Minerals
Mercator Transport
Meridex Software
Merit Mining
Meritus Minerals
Merrex Gold
Mesa Uranium
Mesgastar Development
Messina Minerals
Meta Health Services
Metalex Ventures
Metallum Resources
MetalQuest Minerals
Metals Creek Resources
Metamedia Capital
Metanor Resources
Metrobridge Networks International
Metropolitan Mining
Mexican Silver Mines
Mexivada Mining
Micrex Development
MicroPlanet Technology
Midasco Capital
Middle Kingdom Paradiso
Midland Exploration
Midlands Minerals
Midnight Sun Capital
Midway Gold
Milk Capital
Mill Bay Ventures
Mill City Gold
Millrock Resources
Millstream Mines
Milner Consolidated Silver Mines
Minaean International
Mindoro Resources
Mineral Hill Industries
Mint Technology
Minterra Resources
Mira Resources
Miramare Capital
Miranda Gold
Mirasol Resources
MKM Resources
Molycor Gold
Monarch Energy
Moneda Resources
Monroe Minerals
Montec Holdings
Montello Resources
Montreux Capital
Monument Mining
Mooncor Oil & Gas
Mosam Capital
Mosquito Consolidated Gold
Moss Lake Gold Mines
Motapa Diamonds
Mount Dakota Energy
Mountain Boy Minerals
Mountain Capital
Mountain Lake Resources
Mountainview Energy
Mountain-West Resources
MPAC Industries
MPH Ventures
MPL Communications
MTY Food Group
Multimedia Nova
Multiplied Media
Multivision Communications
Murgor Resources
Mustang Minerals
MVE Capital
Mystique Energy
NaiKun Wind Energy
Namex Exploration
Nanika Resources
Nano Capital
Nanotech Sciences
Natunola Health Biosciences
Naturally Advanced Technologies
Navasota Resources
Nayarit Gold
Nebu Resources
Neo Alliance Minerals
Neodym Technologies
Neptune Technologies
Netco Energy
Network Exploration
Nevada Exploration
Nevada Geothermal
Nevada Sunrise Gold
Nevado Venture Capital
Nevgold Resource
New Dimension Resources
New Global Ventures International
New Guinea Gold
New Horizon Uranium
New Island Resources
New Millennium Capital
New Nadina Explorations
New Oroperu Resources
New Pacific Metals
New Sage Energy
New Shoshoni Ventures
New West Energy
New World Resource
Newbridge Capital
Newcastle Minerals
Newlook Industries
Newmac Resources
Newnorth Projects
Newport Exploration
Newstrike Resources
Nexstar Energy
Nextraction Energy
Nico Mining
Niger Canada
Nightingale Informatix
Nikos Explorations
Nile Industries
NiMin Capital
Niogold Mining
NIR Diagnostics
Noble Metal
Nordex Explosives
Nordic Diamonds
Nordic Oil & Gas
Normabec Mining Resources
Noront Resources
Nortec Ventures
North American Gem
North American Medical Services
North American Tungsten
North Arrow Minerals
North Group Finance
North Peace Energy
Northampton Group
Northern Abitibi Mining
Northern Continental Resources
Northern Freegold Resources
Northern Gold Mining
Northern Hemisphere Developments
Northern Lion Gold
Northern Platinum
Northern Rand Resource
Northern Shield Resources
Northern Spirit Resources
Northern Star Mining
Northern Sun Exploration
Northern Superior Resources
Northern Tiger Resources
Northern Vertex Capital
Northfield Capital
Northrock Resources
Norwall Group
Norwood Resources
Norzan Enterprises
Nova Uranium
NovaDX Ventures
Novra Technologies
NQ Exploration
NSI Strategic Investments
Nstein Technologies
NTG Clarity Networks
NTI Newmerical
NuLoch Resources
Numine Resources
NWest Energy
NWM Mining
NWT Uranium
NX Capital
Nx Phase Capital
NXT Energy Solutions
Nyah Resources
O2 Capital
OceanLake Commerce
Oculus Ventures
Odesia Group
Odin Mining
Odyssey Petroleum
Odyssey Resources
Oil Optimization
Olivut Resources
Olympia Financial
Omni-Lite Industries Canada
One Exploration
OneMove Technologies
Opal Energy
OPE Holdings
OPEL International
Open EC Technologies
Open Range Capital
Optimal Geomatics
Oracle Energy
Orca Exploration
Oremex Resources
Orestone Mining
Orex Exploration
Orex Minerals
Orient Venture Capital
Oriental Minerals
Orko Silver
Oro Gold Resources
Oro Silver Resources
Oroandes Resource
Orocan Resource
Oroco Resource
Oromin Explorations
Orsa Ventures
Osta Biotechnologies
Otis Capital
Otish Energy
Outdoorpartner Media
Outlook Resources
Overland Realty
Pacgen Biopharmaceuticals
Pacific Bay Minerals
Pacific Booker Minerals
Pacific Cascade Minerals
Pacific Coast Nickel
Pacific Comox Resources
Pacific Harbour Capital
Pacific Imperial Mines
Pacific Iron Ore
Pacific Link Mining
Pacific Lottery
Pacific Paradym Energy
Pacific Ridge Exploration
Pacific Rodera Energy
Pacific Safety Products
Pacific Topaz Resources
Painted Pony Petroleum
Palladon Ventures
Palo Duro Energy
Pan Orient Energy
Pancontinental Uranium
Panda Capital
Panorama Resources
Panoro Minerals
Panterra Resource
PanWestern Energy
Paragon Minerals
Paragon Pharmacies
Parallel Capital
Paramax Resources
Paris Energy
Park Lawn Income Trust
Parkland Energy Services
Parlane Resource
Parlay Entertainment
Parta Growth Capital I
Partner Jet
Passport Metals
Patricia Mining
Patrician Diamonds
Patriot Petroleum
Patriotstar Ventures
Pay Linx Financial
Pearl River Holdings
Peat Resources
Pebble Creek Mining
Pediment Exploration
Pegasus Oil & Gas
Pelangio Exploration
Pele Mountain Resources
Pemberton Energy
Pencari Mining
Pender Financial Group
Pennant Energy
Pennine Petroleum
Perfect Fry
Perlite Canada
Pershimco Resources
Petra Petroleum
Petro Uno Resources
Petro Vista Energy
Petroflow Energy
Petromin Resources
PetroReal Energy
Petro-Reef Resources
Petrostar Petroleum
Pharmeng International
Philex Gold
Phoenix Canada Oil
Phoenix Matachewan Mines
Phoenix Oilfield Hauling
Phoscan Chemical
Photochannel Networks
Photon Control
Pigboss Follow-up Growth
Pilot Energy
Pine Cliff Energy
Pinnacle Mines
Pioneering Technology
Pitchstone Exploration
Pixman Nomadic Media
Planet Exploration
Planet Organic Health
Platinum Communications
Plato Gold
Playfair Mining
Plazacorp Retail Properties
Plexmar Resources
PMI Gold
Pocono Capital
Podium Capital
Polar Resources
Polar Star Mining
Polo Biology Global Group
Poly-Pacific International
Poplar Creek Resources
Portal Resources
Portia Exploration
Portrush Petroleum
Potash North Resource
Power Tech Corporation
Precision Enterprises
Prelim Capital
Premium Exploration
Prescient NeuroPharma
Prestige Telecom
Prima Developments
Primary Petroleum
Prime City One Capital
Prime Meridian Resources
Primeline Energy Holdings
Primera Energy Resources
Prism Medical
Prize Mining
Pro Minerals
ProAm Explorations
Probe Mines
Probe Resources
Process Capital
Project Finance
Prolab Technologies
Prominex Resource
Prophecy Resource
Prospector Consolidated Resources
Prosys Tech
Proventure Income Fund
Providence Capital
Puget Ventures
Pulse Capital
Puma Exploration
Pure Energy Visions
Pure Industrial REIT
Pure Technologies
Purepoint Uranium
Pyng Medical
Pyramid Petroleum
Q Investments
Q-Gold Resources
QHR Technologies
Quaterra Resources
Queensland Minerals
Quest Pharmatech
Quest Uranium
Questor Technology
Quizam Media
Quorum Information Technology
R P M Tech
Radar Acquisitions
Radiant Communications
Radisson Mining Resources
Radius Gold
Radius Resources
Rage Energy
Raimount Energy
Rain Resources
Rainy Mountain Capital
Rainy River Resources
Rambler Metals & Mining
Randsburg International Gold
Range Capital
Rapid Brands
Rapid Solutions
Rare Element Resources
Rare Method Interactive
Rattlesnake Ventures
Raydan Manufacturing
Raymor Industries
Raytec Metals
Real Time Measurements
Realex Properties
Rebecca Capital
Reco International
Red Dragon Resources
Red Hill Energy
Red Mile Capital
Red Rock Energy
Redcliffe Exploration
Redhawk Resources
Redishred Capital
Redstar Gold
Reece Energy Exploration
Reef Resources
Reg Technologies
Regal Energy
Regent Pacific Properties
Regent Ventures
ReMac Zinc
Remington Resources
Remstar Resources
RenoWorks Software
Reocito Capital
Reservoir Capital
Resolve Ventures
Resource Hunter Capital
Result Energy
Reunion Gold
Reva Resources
Revelation Ventures
Rhino Resources
Rhyolite Resources
Rich Minerals
Richards Oil & Gas
Richco Investors
Richfield Ventures
Richmond Minerals
Ridgeline Energy Services
Rimfire Minerals
Ringbolt Ventures
Rio Cristal Zinc
Ripper Oil & Gas
Rival Energy
Rivera Capital
Riverside Resources
Riverstone Resources
RJK Explorations
RMS Systems
Road New Media
Roador Industries
Roadrunner Oil & Gas
Robex Resources
Roca Mines
Rochester Energy
Rochester Resources
RockBridge Energy
Rockcliff Resources
Rockgate Capital
Rockhaven Resources
Rockridge Capital
Rocky Mountain Resources
Rocky Old Man Energy
Rocmec Mining
Rodinia Minerals
Rogers Associate Financial
Rolling Rock Resources
Romarco Minerals
Rome Resources
Romios Gold Resources
Romulus Resources
Roscan Minerals
Ross River Minerals
Roxmark Mines
Royal Capital
Royal Roads
Royal Standard Minerals
RPT Uranium
RSI International Systems
Ruby Red Resources
Run of River Power
Running Fox Resource
Rupert Resources
Rusoro Mining
Russell Breweries
Rye Patch Gold
Ryland Oil
Sabina Silver
Sable Resources
Saccharum Energy
Sacre-Coeur Minerals
Sage Gold
Sagittarius Capital
Saha Petroleum
Sahara Energy
Salazar Resources
Salmon River Resources
Samba Gold
SAMEX Mining
Samoth Oilfield
San Anton Capital
San Gold
San Marco Resources
Sanatana Diamonds
Sandspring Resources
Sandstorm Resources
Sangoma Technologies
Santa Fe Metals
Santoy Resources
Sanu Resources
Saratoga Electronic Solutions
Saturn Minerals
Savant Explorations
Savary Capital
Saville Resources
Saxon Oil
Schneider Power
Schwabo Capital
Sea Breeze Power
Sea Dragon Energy
Sea Green Capital
Seafield Resources
Search Minerals
Searchgold Resources
Seaview Energy
Seaway Energy Services
Second Wave Petroleum
Section Rouge Media
Sedex Mining
Sego Resources
Selkirk Metals
Selwyn Resources
Senator Minerals
Sennen Resources
Sensio Technologies
Sentinel Rock Oil
SEP Capital
Seprotech Systems
Serebra Learning
Serengeti Resources
Sereno Capital
Serica Energy
Shane Resources
Sharon Energy
Shaw Communications
Shear Minerals
Shear Wind
Shelby Ventures
Shelton Canada
Shenul Capital
Shield Gold
Shoreham Resources
Sidon International Resources
Sieger Capital Management
Sienna Gold
Sierra Geothermal Power
Sigma Ventures
Silex Ventures
Silk Road Resources
Silver Fields Resources
Silver Grail Resources
Silver Lake Resources
Silver Quest Resources
Silver Shield Resources
Silver Spruce Resources
SilverCrest Mines
Silvermex Resources
Silverstone Resources
Silvore Fox Minerals
Simberi Mining
Sinchao Metals
Sinomar Capital
Sirios Resources
Skana Capital
Skeena Resources
Skor Food Group
Skybridge Development
Skygold Ventures
Skyharbour Resources
Skyline Gold
Slam Exploration
Slater Mining
SmartCool Systems
SNL Enterprises
Snowfield Development
SNS Silver
Sofame Technologies
Softrock Minerals
Software Growth
Soho Resources
Sola Resource
Solara Exploration
Solarvest Systems
Soldi Ventures
Solex Resources
Solid Resources
Solitaire Minerals
Solomon Resources
Solutioninc Technologies
Sonic Technology
Sonomax Hearing
Sonora Gold & Silver
Source Exploration
Southampton Ventures
Southern Arc Minerals
Southern Hemisphere Mining
Southern Pacific Resource
Southern Silver Exploration
SouthGobi Energy
Sparrow Ventures
Sparta Capital
Sparton Resources
Spider Resources
Spitfire Energy
Sportscene Group
Spring & Mercer Capital
Spruce Ridge Resources
Sprylogics International
SPVC Capital
SQI Diagnostics
St. Elias Mines
St. Eugene Mining
Staccato Gold Resources
Stage Capital
Star Navigation Systems
Star Uranium
Starfire Minerals
Statesman Resources
Stealth Minerals
Stealth Ventures
Stellar Pacific Ventures
Stelmine Canada
Stem Cell Therapeutics
Sterling Resources
Stetson Oil & Gas
Stikine Gold
Stina Resources
Stonefire Energy
StonePoint Global Brands
Stoneshield Capital
StorageVault Canada
Strait Gold
Stralak Resources
Stratabound Minerals
Strategem Capital
Strategic Metals
Strategic Oil & Gas
Strathmore Minerals
Stratic Energy
Stream Oil & Gas
Streetlight Intelligence
Strike Minerals
Strikewell Energy
Strongbow Exploration
Stroud Resources
Sukari Ventures
Sultan Minerals
Summus Capital
Sun Entertainment Holdings
Sun Red Capital
Sunridge Gold
Superior Canadian Resources
Superior Mining International
Supreme Resources
Suroco Energy
Sustainable Energy Technology
Sutter Gold Mining
Svit Gold
Swift Power
Swift Resources
Syracuse Capital
Syscan International
TAC Capital
Tactex Controls
TAD Capital
Tagish Lake Gold
Taipan Capital
Tajac Capital
Tajzha Ventures
Takara Resources
Talon International Energy
Talware Networx
Tamerlane Ventures
Tangarine Payment
Tango Energy
Tanqueray Resources
Taranis Resources
Target Exploration & Mining
Tarsis Capital
Tatmar Ventures
Tawsho Mining
TayCon Capital
Tearlach Resources
Tech Solutions Capital
Tele-Find Technologies
Telehop Communications
Telford Services
Temex Resources
Temple REIT
Tenajon Resources
Tenth Power Technologies
Teras Resources
Terminal City Capital
Terra Energy
Terra Firma Capital
Terra Nova Minerals
Terra Ventures
Terrace Resources
Terraco Gold
Terrane Metals
TerraX Minerals
Teryl Resources
Teslin River Resources
Testudo Oil & Gas Exploration
Teuton Resources
Texada Software
Texalta Petroleum
TG World Energy
Theia Resources
Thelon Ventures
Theralase Technologies
Thermal Energy International
Thor Explorations
Threegold Resources
Thunder Sword Resources
Thunderbird Energy
Tiger International Resources
Tigertel Communications
Timmins Gold
Tinka Resources
Tintina Mines
Tio Networks
Tirex Resources
Titan Logix
Titan Medical
Titan Trading Analytics
Titan Uranium
Titanium Corporation
TNR Gold
Tonbridge Power
Torch River Resources
Torque Energy
Torrential Energy
Total Telcom
Totally Hip Technologies
Totem Minerals
Touchdown Capital
Tournigan Energy
Tova Ventures
Tower Energy
Toxin Alert
Trade Winds Ventures
TransAmerican Energy
Transeuro Energy
Transformative Ventures
TransGlobe Internet
Trans-Orient Petroleum
Traxion Energy
Trelawney Resources
Tres-Or Resources
Tri Origin Exploration
Triangle Industries
Triangle Petroleum
Tribune Minerals
Tribute Minerals
Tribute Resources
Triex Minerals
Tri-Gold Resources
Trigon Uranium
Trillium North Minerals
TrinCan Capital
Trio Gold
Triple 8 Energy
Triton Energy
Trius Investments
Trivello Energy
Triwood Capital
Troon Ventures
Troy Energy
Troymet Exploration
True North Gems
TrueStar Petroleum
Tsodilo Resources
TTM Resources
Tumi Resources
Tuscany Energy
Twoco Petroleums
Tyhee Development
Tyner Resources
Typhoon Exploration
U S Silver
UC Resources
Ucore Uranium
Uldaman Capital
Ultra Uranium
Unbridled Energy
Underworld Resources
Unilens Vision
Union Gold
Unique Broadband Systems
Uniserve Communications
Unitech Energy Resources
United China International Enterprises Group
United Protection Security
United Reef
United Uranium
Universal Infrastructure
Universal Power
Universal Uranium
Uracan Resources
Uranium Bay Resources
Uranium City Resources
Uranium North Resources
Uranium Power
Urastar Energy
Uravan Minerals
Urban Communications
Urodynamix Technologies
Uruguay Mineral
USA Video Interactive
Valdez Gold
Valdor Technology International
Valencia Ventures
Valentine Ventures
Valgold Resources
Valiant Minerals
Valley High Ventures
Valor Ventures
Vangold Resources
Vantex Resources
Vast Exploration
Vatic Ventures
Vault Minerals
Vega Gold
Velo Energy
VenCan Gold
VendTek Systems
Venga Aerospace Systems
VentriPoint Diagnostics
Ventura Gold
Venture One Capital
Verb Exchange
Verbina Resources
Verena Minerals
Verona Development
Versatile Systems
Vesta Capital
VGS Seismic Canada
Victoria Gold
Victory Resources
Vigil Health Solutions
Viking Gold Exploration
VIQ Solutions
Virtual Universe
Virtutone Networks
Visible Gold Mines
VisionQuest Enterprise
Vistior Capital
Vitality Products
Vitreous Capital
VMS Ventures
Volcanic Capital
Vostok Minerals
VR Interactive
VRB Power Systems
VRX Worldwide
Vulcan Minerals
VVC Exploration
W3 Solutions
Wanted Technologies
War Eagle Mining
Waratah Coal
Warrior Energy
Waseco Resources
Waterfront Capital
Waterloo Resources
Wavefront Energy & Environment
Waymar Resources
WCB Capital
Wealth Minerals
Welichem Biotech
WellPoint Systems
Wellstar Energy
Wescan Goldfields
West Fourth Capital
West Hawk Development
West High Yield Resources
West Isle Energy
West Mountain Capital
West Street Capital
WestBond Enterprises
Westcan Uranium
Westcore Energy
Western Canada Energy
Western Energy Services
Western GeoPower
Western Lithium Canada
Western Pacific Trust
Western Potash
Western Prospector
Western Troy Capital Resources
Western Uranium
Western Wind Energy
WesternZagros Resources
Westminster Resources
Weststar Resources
Whetstone Minerals
Whitemud Resources
Wildcat Exploration
Wildcat Silver
Williams Creek Explorations
Willowstar Capital
Windarra Minerals
Win-Eldrich Mines
Wintraysan Capital
Winzen Properties
Wireless2 Technologies
Wolverine Minerals
Wood Composite Technology
Woodbridge Energy
World Outfitters
Wrangler West Energy
WSR Gold
Xcel Consolidated
Xcite Energy
Xemplar Energy
Xentel DM
X-Ore Resources
XPEL Technologies
X-Terra Resources
XXL Energy
Yale Resources
Yaletown Capital
Yamiri Gold & Energy
Yangarra Resources
Yangtze Telecom
Yankee Hat Minerals
Yoho Resources
Yonge Street Capital
York Ridge Lifetech
YOW Capital
Zapata Energy
Zecotek Photonics
Zena Capital
Zenith Industries
Zenn Motor
Zimtu Capital
Zinccorp Resources
Zinco Mining
Zoloto Resources
Ztest Electronics
Zyp Capital
ZZZ Capital